Chatroulette blackmail with video

Chatroulette blackmail with video

It starts as a harmless online flirt on the internet, on sites like Chatroulette, Facebook and Skype. Finally the new acquaintance is ending with a blackmail also called “ sextortion

On the internet video platform „Chatroulette“  victim „C.“ comes in contact with an attractive girl.  She calls herself „rocca.olga1994“ and is claiming to be an American. First, they send harmless messages and then switch quickly to a video chat.

„She called me on Skype and had turned on her webcam. I could see she was in bra and panties laying on the bed “

says „C.“

„Take off your shirt!“

„Olga“ demanded in the next chat.

At the end of the sexcam chat both are undressed and masturbate in front of the webcam via Skype.

The young man, however, has no idea at this moment: everything he has just shown by himself was secretly recorded by „Olga“. Immediately after the chat the blackmail message reached the unsuspecting victim. The victim experienced a shock. They threatened that they will send the video-clip to all friends on Facebook, if he does not immediately transfer 1000 $ by Western Union
To prove it by the blackmailer the video-clip showing the naked „C“ together with the list of his friends from Facebook is sent. Now the victim is helpless and shocked.

„These are not just private friends, but also colleagues from my company“

the victim realizes.

At the end the blackmailer threatens also:

„I swear I will destroy your life!“

The money should be transferred immediately via „Western Union“ to a person in West Africaor Phillipines.

My advice to such cases: Never allow yourself a payment to an Internet blackmailer ! All blackmailers are insatiable with their money needs and who has paid once, these criminals never let go. Payments do not help the victims, but it entangles them deeper and deeper into the network of this lousy case.

If you are too embarrassed in order to go to the police, then you can feel free to contact me. I will help you effectively and discreetly to get out of this trap. So far I could help all of my clients to escape from that trap.

How can I help you ? As a first measure, I delete your video on YouTube, DailyMotion or other video sites, which is a matter of some hours only. I also make your account on Facebook safe, so the blackmailer cannot contact your friends on that platform. I advise you in detail on the phone or via email, as we jointly carry out a damage limitation, so that no one learns something from your relatives and friends about your problem.

After that I create for you a search bot that searches the internet for the latest publications on your behalf. This bot tells me all new sites to your name. The bot runs for 6 weeks and is evaluated daily by me in this time.

If deletions are necessary, I’ll do the necessary letter to the provider immediately for you.

So far no video-clip was longer than a day online and therefore visible. Until search engines such as Google, show such a material in the search results
it generally takes a minimum of 48 hours.

Furthermore, I advise you with my extensive knowledge of the successful handling of such blackmailers, and I’ll help you to stay cool until the problem is solved.

The best way is that you temporarily give me access to Skype and Facebook. Then you need to yourself not to worry about anything else. With my proven defensive strategy the sextortion is over after about 4 – 6 days.

Do not react in panic if you have fallen into this trap and do not pay any money to the extortionists !

Just call me at (even on weekends or at night ). I am 64 years old and I see in you a victim of criminals. I do not constitute improper questions or bring you in embarrassment.

Make a call (Germany):

+ 49 6084 9189881

and/or drop me an email:

My help is not for free , completely confidential and is calculated according to my effort.

First principle: you will not pay, full stop.
In all cases, the scammer claimes that he will delete all videos and showing me he is doing that on Skype video. Needless to say, it is impossible to confirm by any means that a digital material is truly deleted, so the „promise“ is completely empty. If you pay money, you only proved that you are vulnerable to blackmailing and it is very likely that you will be blackmailed again and again for the same video. HOWEVER, you should pretend that you are willing to pay and seek help and assistance from a pro


Chatroulette blackmail with video It starts as a harmless online flirt on the internet, on sites like Chatroulette, Facebook and Skype. Finally the new acquaintance is ending with a blackmail also called “ sextortion